Introduction to several situations where diamond grinding wheels need to be replaced

2020-06-28 1435

1. Wear issues

Any grinding wheel has its own specific wear requirements, and when the wear condition reaches a certain level, a new grinding wheel must be replaced from scratch. It is a violation of regulations not to use excessive wear and tear requirements in order to save data. As a general rule, when the grinding wheel is worn to a diameter 10mm larger than the chuck diameter, a new grinding wheel should be replaced.

2. Validity issue

The new grinding wheel received from the warehouse is not necessarily a qualified grinding wheel, and even the new grinding wheel purchased from the manufacturer is not necessarily a qualified grinding wheel. Any grinding wheel has a certain useful period, and when used within that period, it is a qualified grinding wheel; If used beyond its useful life, it is not necessarily a qualified grinding wheel. The rules of the regulations state that grinding wheels should be used within their useful life, and resin and rubber bonded grinding wheels must undergo a rotation test after being stored for one year. Only those who pass the test can be used.

3. Texture issues

If cracks are found on the grinding wheel during use, it should be immediately stopped and replaced with a new grinding wheel from scratch to prevent the formation of grinding wheel breakage and personal injury.

Article source: Diamond grinding wheel