Polishing wheel manufacturer: Difficulties in processing and manufacturing polishing wheels

2021-11-09 1744

Polishing wheels are very common consumables, so what are the difficulties in processing and manufacturing these types of polishing wheels? Let's summarize for everyone. The polishing wheel is used to polish the workpiece to enhance its color, but if the color of the wheel is not good enough, it will endanger the quality of the workpiece to be polished. So, what are the difficulties to be solved in the processing and production of polishing wheels?

In order to keep the polishing wheel soft and more spongy, sutures are often left empty in the processing and production of the polishing wheel to maintain a good spacing between its edges. Polishing wheels made with non sewing full cloth wheels should be made of delicate and soft cloth, which is more suitable for polishing workpieces with a more disorderly appearance or for fine polishing on small and medium-sized workpieces. The polishing wheel produced by sewing method should be made of old coarse cloth, non waterproof cloth, and fine flat cloth. The sewing line can be concentric or spiral, as well as a direct radiation source method. The polishing wheel produced by this method is suitable for polishing various coatings and simple shapes.

The polishing wheel produced by air-cooled cloth wheel processing adopts a 45 angle wire cutting method with a circular and wrinkled shape. The base is equipped with a metal material circular plate, which has the characteristics of natural ventilation and heat pipe heat dissipation, making it more suitable for polishing large and medium-sized workpieces. The common faults and difficulties that arise in the application of grinding and polishing machines with polishing wheels should be addressed as follows. First, check the common fault areas. If the server cannot rotate after startup, it can be connected to a switch power supply to repair the worm gear box. If it is still not good in the future, it should be sent to the maintenance center for repair; If the motor cannot be started, you can connect the switch power supply, press and hold the thermal relay reset switch, or replace the AC contactor and fuse to try it out; If the polishing tube is severely bent after polishing, the axis can be adjusted again to adjust the working pressure of the grinding wheel; If the polishing tube is not bright enough after polishing, you can replace the polishing wheel, wax, or adjust the grinding wheel; If the grinding head seat causes vibration during polishing, it is possible to sharpen or replace the polishing wheel.

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