Diamond grinding wheel design

2021-09-07 1824

With the rapid growth of market demand, diamond tool companies from various regions have taken up the initiative,

The drawbacks of electroplated diamond grinding wheels are that there is no solid chemical metallurgical bonding between the coated metal and the substrate and the abrasive interface. In practice, the abrasive is only mechanically embedded and embedded in the coated metal, resulting in low operating force. The heavy load of diamond particles during grinding can easily detach and cause overall failure; To add control force, it is necessary to add a coating thickness. The result is that the exposed height of the abrasive particles reduces the space for debris, the grinding wheel is prone to blockage, the heat dissipation effect is poor, and the surface of the workpiece is prone to burns.

Diamond grinding wheel

China has become an important producer, user, and exporter of diamond tools, with an annual output value exceeding 10 billion yuan. Developed countries all consider superhard materials and products, including synthetic diamonds, as key development points. The research and application level of superhard materials and products to some extent represents a country's technological development level.

Diamond grinding wheels are widely used in the IC industry chain for cutting, chamfering, polishing, thinning, etc. Currently, most Japanese and Taiwanese companies occupy both foreign and domestic markets.

In the daily use of grinding machines, we often find that some operators, regardless of the type of grinding machine, arbitrarily use the side surface of the grinding wheel for grinding, which is a serious violation of operating regulations. According to the regulations, it is not advisable to use the side surface for grinding with a circular surface grinding wheel. This type of grinding wheel has a high radial strength and a low axial strength, which can cause the grinding wheel to break when the operator applies too much force. This behavior should be stopped in practical use.

Diamond grinding wheel

There is a significant gap between domestic semiconductor diamond grinding wheels and developed countries in terms of process technology and product quality.

Ceramic bonded diamond grinding tools are mainly used for grinding and processing of diamond tools, cubic boron nitride tools, hard alloys, cermets, ferrite, cast iron, gemstones, ordinary ceramics, and new engineering ceramic materials,

In order to save expensive diamond grinding wheels, natural dressing methods can also be used, that is, the new grinding wheel is first used for rough grinding, and then used for fine grinding after it has worn to a securities shape. If the grinding wheel is found to be not sharp or blocked during the grinding process, the surface of the grinding wheel can also be carefully trimmed by holding a silicon carbide sand wheel.

Diamond grinding wheel

It can also be used for fine grinding of chrome quenched steel bearing rollers, automotive and tractor crankshafts, hydraulic pump gear journals, and other materials.

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