Polishing wheel manufacturer: Four types of polishing wheels

2021-12-03 1870

Four types of polishing wheels

1. A non stitched fabric wheel. It is mostly made of soft cotton cloth, suitable for polishing workpieces with complex shapes or small workpieces

A fine polishing of.

2. Regarding stitching, it is often used for making coarse, non-woven, or fine plain fabrics. Regarding stitching, concentric circles, spirals, and radiation methods are also commonly used, suitable for polishing various coatings and some relatively simple work.

3. Air cooled cloth wheel. The cutting method used is a 45 degree angle, which is in the shape of a circular fold and also has a metal disk in the middle. It has the characteristics of ventilation and heat dissipation, making it more suitable for large polishing workpieces.

4. Felt wheel. Made from pure wool, it can shorten time and overcome the limitations of tight arrangement and small gaps.

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