Diamond grinding wheel: The impact of the quality of diamond grinding wheel on cutting tools

2022-04-20 1232

The quality of diamond grinding wheels is one of the important factors for the manufacturing industry to improve processing productivity and product surface quality. Therefore, in advanced CNC machining centers, a composite tool can be used to replace multiple single function tools, and it can also automatically complete the processing of complex shaped workpieces according to the processing program. This can have a very good effect on improving production efficiency, surface quality, and reducing production costs.

It is reported that using advanced cutting tools can significantly improve cutting efficiency, and the increase in tool costs is far lower than the decrease in production costs.

Then, when grinding the cutting tool, once the material, structure, and shape of the tool, as well as the selection of the grinding machine, are determined, the diamond grinding wheel becomes an important factor determining the success or failure of the machining.

When it comes to diamond grinding wheels, although the processing efficiency of high-temperature resin bonded diamond grinding wheels is lower than that of METROX grinding wheels, due to the high bonding strength, short production cycle, and low processing cost of diamond grinding wheels, especially when grinding tool edges, it is not easy to cause edge breakage. At the same time, according to the requirements of use, it can be ground into various complex shaped shaped grinding wheels, Therefore, diamond grinding wheels are still widely used in production for a long time.

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