Common dressing techniques for diamond grinding wheels

2021-07-08 2456

Diamond grinding wheels have excellent grinding functions and are widely used in the grinding of difficult to machine materials such as industrial ceramics, hard alloys, optical glass, diamond cutting tools, gemstones, etc. However, diamond grinding wheels have extremely high hardness, considerable difficulty in dressing, and are prone to blockages during the dressing process, which seriously affects the quality of the grinding surface and the dressing power, limiting the application of diamond grinding wheels

A common dressing skill for diamond grinding wheels - grinding wheel factory to explain to a wide range of users.

East West Diamond Dressing Method

The general method is to install the grinding wheel on the spindle of the machine tool, or treat it as a workpiece and use a general grinding wheel to trim the diamond grinding wheel. The process of trimming generally includes two parts: sharpening and shaping. This method can be completed together with the completion of shaping and sharpening, as well as separating them. A diamond pen is one of the important things in this dressing method, and it can be used with either a single diamond or multiple diamonds. When using this method to repair non-metallic bonded diamond grinding wheels, especially ceramic and resin bonded diamond grinding wheels, the repair effect may be worse, but it can also meet the general goal.

● General abrasive dressing method

Grind the surface of the diamond grinding wheel using carbide wheel blocks or oxide wheel blocks, and then meet the requirements for diamond grinding wheel dressing. The general abrasive dressing method uses the abrasive particles of a general grinding wheel to grind the surface of a diamond grinding wheel, gradually removing the bonding material on its surface, exposing the diamond particles, and achieving the desired dressing effect. By adjusting parameters such as grinding wheel speed, feed rate, and selected particle density, the number of dropped particles and their exposed height of the diamond grinding wheel after trimming can be adjusted. When using general grinding wheel particles with higher particle size for dressing, the dressing power will be higher and the amount of diamond particles falling will be larger. On the contrary, when smaller particle sizes are selected for general grinding wheels, the number of diamond particles falling will be reduced, and the same power will also decrease.

● Free abrasive dressing method

This method of grinding wheel dressing involves applying pressure to free diamond abrasive particles to decompose and remove the bonding material, achieving the effect of dressing. The grinding wheel factory pointed out that one method is to put the diamond grinding wheel into a mixture of abrasive and kerosene, and press the dressing plate on the surface of the grinding wheel. The free abrasive adhered to the outer surface of the grinding wheel will enter between the two under the pressure. As the grinding wheel continues to rotate, the metal based bond will gradually be ground out by the free abrasive, exposing the diamond abrasive particles and completing the sharpening. When the height of the exposed diamond particles is equivalent to the scale of the free abrasive between the discs, there will be no force generated between the grinding wheel and the sharpening disc. By changing the pressure between the sharpening discs and the scale of the abrasive, the surface morphology of the grinding wheel is improved and the sharpening power is increased.

● Soft elastic trimming method

Trimming something is done with a very soft abrasive belt, which has a soft characteristic compared to other grinding tools. Its elasticity also has a good effect on trimming. The biggest feature of this method is to use this very soft material to trim the grinding wheel. The experiment found that this soft elastic trimming method is not only feasible in theory but also feasible in practice. This sandbelt type dressing equipment can also be used on general grinding machines. During dressing, the mechanical body of the dressing machine can be conveniently placed on the working table of the grinding machine, and the grinding wheel can be installed on the grinding wheel spindle.

Online electrolytic trimming method

The characteristics of online electrolytic trimming method include:

1. The mechanical structure is relatively simple, the equipment is precise but the volume is not large, and no other special equipment is needed.

2. Able to directly complete grinding wheel trimming on a surface grinder without any rated operational errors.

3. Easy to operate and learn.

4. It can complete high-precision grinding and replace some general polishing or grinding operations.

5. It is difficult to complete the shaping of grinding wheels using it.

6. It cannot be used for dressing diamond grinding wheels with non-conductive binders.

7. The electrolyte used during online trimming has a corrosive effect.

Laser trimming method

Laser dressing method can be used for dressing diamond grinding wheels. The high energy declared by laser can not only remove the bond of the diamond grinding wheel, but also corrode the diamond particles on the surface of the grinding wheel. That is to say, laser dressing method can not only sharpen but also dress the diamond grinding wheel. In addition, the chemical and physical functions of the bonding agent of diamond grinding wheels differ greatly from those of their abrasive particles. By utilizing the stable and easy to operate characteristics of laser, the laser parameters can be adjusted in an orderly manner. It can be manually determined to remove the thickness of the bonding layer on the surface of the grinding wheel, thereby controlling the exposed height of the diamond grinding wheel abrasive particles, and then completing the sharpening of the grinding wheel.

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