Pay attention to the following points for diamond grinding wheels

2020-08-03 1096

Diamond grinding wheels are very sharp, and as people use them, various events are also exposed. Therefore, we should let more people know how to use them to reduce the occurrence of trouble. Only then can we reduce those misfortunes. So people who often use it need to pay attention to the following points in time.

1. The grinding wheel machine should be checked frequently to ensure normal operation.

2. The rotation direction of the grinding wheel should be correct, so that the grinding debris can fly away downwards without causing injury to people.

3. After the grinding wheel starts, it should wait for the grinding wheel to rotate smoothly before starting grinding. If significant runout of the grinding wheel is found, it should be stopped and repaired in a timely manner.

4. The distance between the rack of the grinding machine and the sand labor outlet should be kept within 3mm to prevent accidents caused by grinding parts rolling in.

5. Do not wrap the workpiece with cotton yarn or wear gloves for grinding to avoid gloves or cotton yarn getting entangled in the diamond grinding wheel and causing trouble.

6. It is necessary for the operator to wear protective glasses and stand on the side or slope of the grinding wheel, rather than standing directly opposite it.

7. Without the consent of management personnel, it is strictly prohibited to use a grinding wheel to grind workpieces.

8. When grinding, it is necessary to avoid severe impact or excessive pressure exerted by the cutting tool or workpiece on the grinding wheel.

9. On the same grinding wheel, prevent two people from operating at the same time and prohibit grinding the workpiece on the side of the grinding wheel.

10. For small, large, and difficult to handle workpieces, they cannot be ground on a grinder. Especially for small workpieces, they should be held firmly to prevent them from being squeezed into the diamond grinding wheel and crushing it.

11. The diamond grinding wheel must not be contaminated with water. The automatic rotating door and the two wing rotating door should be kept dry frequently to prevent loss of balance after being wet and causing trouble.

12. Materials such as babbitt alloy, copper, tin, aluminum, wood, etc. that can adhere to sand particles are prohibited from grinding on grinding wheels.

13. After the grinding machine is used, the power should be immediately turned off and the grinding machine should not be allowed to idle.

14. Grinding wheels that are too small should be replaced in a timely manner.

Article source: Diamond grinding wheel