Longitudinal Grinding Method of Diamond Grinding Wheel

2020-09-08 1173

Diamond grinding wheel is a sturdy grinding wheel made from diamond abrasive as raw material, using metal powder, resin powder, ceramics, and electroplated metal as binders to create a circular solid grinding tool with through holes. Next, the editor of platform 258 will introduce the grinding method of diamond grinding wheels.

1. Longitudinal grinding method of diamond grinding wheel:

This method has a low operating power ratio, but its quality is relatively good, and its roughness is relatively low compared to similar products. During grinding, the rotation of the diamond grinding wheel is very high. The worktable is a composite longitudinal operation, in which the diamond grinding wheel may be replenished once during each operation process, and the remaining items will be touched and cut off.

2. Tips for grinding:

Also known as lateral grinding method. Compared to a relatively high power, this one also has its shortcomings. Its grinding force is very large, and the temperature is relatively high, so it is necessary to have satisfactory cooling liquid during grinding. The rotation of diamond grinding wheels is an active force, and the rotational motion of skills and the motion of diamond grinding wheels result in continuous supply. The workbench of a diamond grinding wheel will not have longitudinal movement, and the width of the diamond grinding wheel and the width of the grinding will be relatively large until the grinding is stopped according to the application specifications.

3. Tips for composite grinding:

This is a combination of the above two. Composite grinding and grinding methods have a high power ratio and relatively high quality; Compared to other interests, it also has certain advantages. When grinding, we need to use the method of dividing the workpiece into sections for rough grinding, and use a grinding disc to handle the rest.

4. Ultimately, one method is a deep grinding method:

Its production power is very high, but the tips for correcting diamond grinding wheels are relatively messy, and the overall structure of the workpiece needs to be relatively high, with satisfactory cut in and cut out lengths. During grinding. The entire section of a diamond grinding wheel will have a stepped shape. The processing speed and method of the workpiece are very slow. Use longitudinal grinding for the remaining grinding.

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