High speed cutting of diamond grinding wheel

2020-09-22 1563

(1) Research on High Speed Cutting and Grinding Mechanism of Diamond Grinding Wheel. Conduct a systematic discussion on the high-speed cutting and grinding processes, various cutting and grinding phenomena, the high-speed cutting and grinding functions of various processed materials and various tool and grinding tool materials, as well as the optimization of process parameters for high-speed cutting and grinding.

(2) Discussion on the production skills of high-speed spindle units for diamond grinding wheels. Research and development of spindle data, structure, and bearings; Discussion on the dynamic characteristics and thermal properties of the spindle system; Discussion on the elastic support skills of flexible spindles and their bearings; Discussion on the smoothness and cooling skills of the spindle system; Discussion on multi-objective optimization planning skills and virtual planning skills for the spindle; Discussion on spindle tool changing skills.

(3) Discussion on the Manufacturing Skills of High Speed Feed Unit for Diamond Grinding Wheel. Research and development of high-speed position chip ring; Research on precise AC servo system and motor; Discussion on the matching relationship between system inertia and servo motor parameters; Research on static and dynamic stiffness of mechanical transmission chains; Discussion on acceleration and deceleration control skills; Research and development of fine ball screw pairs and large lead screw pairs.

(4) Research on cutting tools and materials for high-speed machining with diamond grinding wheels. Discuss and develop various high-speed machining (including difficult machining materials) tool grinding tools and preparation skills, so that the cutting speed of the tools can reach the level of developed industrial countries in the late 1990s, and the grinding speed of the grinding tools can reach over 150m/s.

(5) Research on Testing Skills for High Speed Machining of Diamond Grinding Wheels. Discuss the monitoring skills of functional parts and drive control systems such as the spindle unit, feed unit system, machine support and auxiliary unit system of high-speed machining machine tools, as well as the wear and tear of cutting tools and grinding tools used in high-speed machining, the repair status of grinding tools, and online monitoring skills such as workpiece processing accuracy and surface quality during high-speed machining.

(6) Research on the machining mechanism of diamond grinding wheel precision machining. Research on the mechanisms of "evolutionary processing" and "transcendental processing"; Micro surface integrity research; Conduct informative discussions on the processing process, phenomena, functions, and process parameters of various materials (including processed materials and tool grinding materials) in the field of precision.

(7) Discussion on the production skills of diamond grinding wheel precision processing equipment. Discussion on the Engineering of Fine Lathe; Fine grinding machine discussion; Discussion on key basic components, such as shaft system, guide rail pair, CNC servo system, micro displacement equipment, etc; Discussion on Manufacturing Skills of Fine Machine Tool Assembly.

(8) Research on diamond grinding wheel precision machining tools, grinding tools, and blade grinding skills. Research on diamond cutting tools and grinding skills, diamond micro powder grinding wheels and their dressing skills.

(9) Discussion on Fine Measurement Skills and Error Compensation Skills of Diamond Grinding Wheel. Establishing a benchmark and transmission system; Discussion on measuring instruments; Discussion on spatial error compensation skills; Discussion on measurement integration skills.

(10) Discussion on the working environment conditions for precision machining of diamond grinding wheels. Fine measurement, temperature control system, and vibration reduction skills discussion; Discussion on fine purification equipment, new special chip removal equipment, and related skills.

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