What are the primary properties of diamond grinding wheels?

2020-08-19 1307

What are the primary properties of diamond grinding wheels?

What are the special properties of such diamond grinding wheels? Please refer to the following introduction for details

The primary diamond grinding wheel has high grinding efficiency and relatively slow consumption of the grinding wheel together Grinding wheels have a certain degree of elasticity, which is conducive to the roughness of the surface of the workpiece. They are mainly used for processes such as precision grinding, semi precision grinding, knife grinding, polishing, etc; Good self sharpening performance, low heat generation during grinding, not easy to block, reducing the occurrence of work during grinding;

The resin bonded diamond grinding wheel is low-temperature solidified, with a short production cycle and relatively simple equipment and supply process; Due to the fluidity of the resin, the grinding wheel with a simple and complex surface is formed.

There are multiple options available based on the product model (parallel grinding wheel, parallel arc grinding wheel, double-sided concave grinding wheel, double bevel grinding wheel, bowl shaped grinding wheel), etc.

Their use: parallel grinding wheels: mainly used for outer circle grinding and blade machining of hard alloys;

Parallel arc grinding wheel: mainly used for forming grinding of hard alloys and circular arc surfaces. The above is a brief introduction to some of the main characteristics of diamond grinding wheels

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