What are the commonly used types of diamond grinding wheels?

2020-02-21 1560

Diamond grinding wheels are generally divided into several categories: ceramic bonded, electroplated bonded, and metal bonded.

Ceramic diamond grinding wheels are mainly composed of high-strength ceramic binders and some abrasives. They have excellent grinding functions and have obvious advantages for cast iron, heat treated steel, internal and external grinding processing, and complex flat surface workpieces.

Metal bonding agent, diamond grinding wheel is mainly made by mixing CBN abrasive and metal bonding agent together to produce diamond grinding wheel, commonly used for cutting stone sheets.

The production process methods of electroplated diamond grinding wheels and the above two types of grinding wheels are slightly different, and there is no blockage phenomenon during grinding processing. Therefore, they are often used in CNC precision grinding processing.

The production process of electroplating coated grinding wheels generally involves adding coating on the surface of the grinding wheel to improve the cutting and grinding functions of diamond grinding wheels. Product grinding wheels are commonly used in the flat grinding operation of alumina ceramic cylinder liners.

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