What is the difference between diamond grinding wheels and resin grinding wheels

2019-08-13 2172

The so-called resin is also a type of resin binder, which produces grinding wheels with high strength, certain elasticity, and low heat resistance, so they cannot be used in some professions.

Diamond grinding wheel is super tough and has no elasticity at all. Its heat resistance is very good, but its manufacturing is messy and the process cycle is long.

So in professions, there is a significant difference between the two types of grinding wheels. Diamond grinding wheels are widely used in concrete cutting operations, while resin grinding wheels are very suitable for grinding some metal products.

Others may have heard of diamond resin grinding wheels, which are a type of grinding wheel that combines resin with diamond. They are mainly mixed together, which can increase their strength during the cutting process. In some materials, they can also have useful control and cutting effects, making them more suitable for the grinding and cutting of some metal products.

Diamond grinding wheels include metal bonded grinding wheels, ceramic bonded grinding wheels, resin bonded grinding wheels, electroplating bonded grinding wheels, and diamond grinding wheels are also known as superhard grinding wheels.

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