Advantages of using diamond grinding wheels for machining

2019-11-23 1822

The processing advantages of diamond grinding wheels include five points:

1. When grinding, the shape of the grinding wheel has good consistency and the precision of the workpiece is high;

2. The characteristics of diamond grinding wheels include high hardness, high compressive strength, and good wear resistance, making them ideal for grinding processing.

3. High power, high precision, good roughness, low grinding tool consumption, and long service life.

4. The self sharpening of grinding wheels is relatively good. It is relatively easy to use diamond grinding wheels for grinding diamonds and diamond grinding wheels for grinding hard alloys.

5. There are many air holes in the grinding wheel, which are conducive to chip removal and heat dissipation during grinding, and are not easy to block or burn the workpiece;

Diamond is the most typical type of superhard material. It is a product made from diamond or CBN as an abrasive, using binders or other auxiliary materials, under certain production conditions, with a certain shape, performance, and purpose.

Diamond and CBN grinding wheels can be mainly divided into metal bond, ceramic bond, and resin bond according to the type of bond.

With the development of superhard data technology, its machinability targets include almost all known information, greatly improving the processing power and quality of various mechanical precision machining categories. Especially as an important component of advanced manufacturing skills such as high-speed, precision, CNC, and micro machining, its application mainly falls into two categories:

1、 The processing of hard and brittle materials mainly refers to the processing of hard and brittle materials such as sapphire, monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, magnetic materials, silicon carbide, refractory materials, glass, geological drilling, etc;

2、 Various categories of mechanical precision machining mainly refer to precision machining categories such as electronics, machinery, automobiles, and new energy.

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