Diamond grinding wheel usage limit

2019-11-23 1862

After the initial use, it will be found to be very sharp, and over time, it will feel slower and more difficult to use. At this time, we need to pay attention to maintaining and checking the diamond.

Each diamond grinding wheel has a lifespan and is safe to use within the specified validity period. If you want to use it again after the expiration date, you must go to the relevant place for inspection. If it is qualified, it can only be used continuously. Sometimes new diamond grinding wheels may show small cracks, and we must not purchase them. Such grinding wheels are prohibited from use. If the grinding wheel suddenly shatters during use, the damage to people can be imagined.

This situation is usually caused by long-term maintenance of diamond grinding wheels. If you want to always stick to sharp diamond grinding wheels. It is necessary to maintain and run in it within a certain period of time. Make him persist in being sharp. If it is found that the wear and tear condition is severe and cannot be continuously used, we remember to replace it with a new one. We cannot avoid replacing it just because we are idle. This poses a potential risk, like a time bomb, which may explode at some point. If we don't grind our kitchen knives regularly at home, they will become dull, which is the same principle as diamond grinding wheels. We cannot avoid repairing it just because we are taking time off or saving money. The requirement for replacing diamond grinding wheels is to replace them if the length of the worn diameter is greater than 10mm of the chuck. Avoid the occurrence of unsafe factors.

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