Why do people like to use wool polishing wheels for polishing

2019-11-14 1696

Bren threw it rougher, and the wool wheel threw it out with a better surface finish.

Polishing cloth wheels, the meaning of the word is to use cloth to make wheels for polishing, which is one of the commonly used materials for polishing machines. Its structure is divided into three types: 1. Non stitched fabric wheel. It is often made of soft cotton cloth and is suitable for polishing complex shaped workpieces or for fine polishing of small workpieces. 2. Stitching. It is often made of coarse cloth, non-woven fabric, and fine plain cloth. The stitching can be done using concentric spiral and direct radiation methods. It is suitable for polishing various coatings and simple shaped operations. 3. Air cooled cloth wheel. Using a 45 degree angle wire cutting method, it is in a circular wrinkled shape with a metal disc in the middle, which has the characteristic of ventilation and heat dissipation. It is suitable for polishing large workpieces.

Wool felt polishing wheel is a necessary wheel for glass polishing, used in a single process of glass polishing. It can play a role in eliminating scratches and brightening, and can also be used as one of the combination polishing wheels to eliminate shallow surface scratches on glass, in conjunction with polishing powder coolant. Used for polishing straight edge machines, bevel edge machines, irregular bevel edge machines, and irregular edge grinding machines.

Polishing discs are used to polish and polish objects, divided into various types, including crystal polishing discs, wool polishing discs, flannel polishing discs, etc. Depending on the hardness, you can choose according to your needs. When polishing, the line of sight should be focused on the edge of the polishing disc and not exceed the edges and corners to avoid passing through the edges and corners. When throwing a sub board, for planes with more edges and corners and smaller areas, the edges of the polishing disc can be used to throw these planes.

How to change different poses based on different faces and choose which side to throw the disc on to different planes. When polishing, when the polishing disc reaches the gap of the vehicle body, you can press to stop the polishing machine, then move the polishing machine in the opposite direction, and press the start button at the same time. The action should be fast, which is the treatment method when the polishing disc encounters risks.

The so-called risk is that the gaps will form damage to the polishing disc. What feels difficult to handle is the part that is close to the gap. What techniques should be used to throw the part that can avoid the gap and be close to the gap.

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