Precautions for using resin wheels

2019-11-19 1022

1. Wear protective goggles, masks, earplugs, gloves, and dustproof clothing.

2. Never use resin to cut the side of the sheet.

3. The maximum operating cycle speed and maximum operating rotation rate for ultra-thin resin cutting are below.

4. Use the correct flange plate. No enhancement: over 1/3; Enhanced: over 1/4.

5. Before use, acknowledge that the resin cut sheet has no missing edges, cracks, or other defects.

6. Before starting to use ultra-thin resin cutting sheets, please idle for one minute before use. When replacing new varieties of resin cutting sheets, please idle for three minutes before use.

7. Cut the resin and store it in a place without direct sunlight or moisture, and place it horizontally.

8. Fix the cut object firmly.

9. Use a corner grinder with a safety cover to cut the machine with a safety cover.

10. If the inner diameter of the resin cutting plate is small and does not match the equipment, please do not modify the aperture of the grinding wheel.

Article source: Resin wheel manufacturer