What to do if the temperature is too high during diamond grinding wheel cutting

2019-11-28 1170

The cutting temperature of diamond grinding wheels generally refers to the temperature of the cutting debris workpiece and the tool touch area. If we need to measure the temperature and use instruments, it can also be distinguished by the color of the cutting debris of diamond grinding wheels. Generally, when cutting carbon steel materials, the debris becomes silver white for a large amount of time, indicating that the cutting temperature is low and suitable for medium speed machining. The cutting temperature is high, The debris usually presents a deep purple or deep blue color.

In fact, the temperature generally depends on the cutting feed rate, material quality, and tool quality of the ceramic diamond grinding wheel. Many factors have always been determined. Generally, when cutting soft materials, the cutting speed can be appropriately accelerated, the feed rate can be increased to improve production efficiency. If the thermal conductivity efficiency of the workpiece is relatively high, the cutting temperature will rapidly increase during processing.

In addition, the cutting viewpoint of ceramic diamond grinding wheels is also closely related to the control of cutting temperature. When cutting alumina ceramic cylinder liners with diamond grinding wheels, the heat transfer efficiency of the cutting tool is very low, which is not conducive to heat dissipation. When the cutting edge is smaller, it is actually conducive to heat dissipation, and together, it can reduce cutting resistance.

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