Factors affecting the performance of polishing wheels

2019-12-03 989

We usually know that polishing wheels are highly reusable tools in our machining work and are widely used in multiple industries. The main factors affecting the quality of exposure wheels include wrinkle wheels, twill cloth wheels, special materials, oil immersed twill cloth wheels, and other types of polishing wheels. These properties are all very important, and more and more will directly affect the properties and various performances of polishing wheels.

a. The impact of wrinkling wheels;

The main difference between cloth wheels and hemp wheels is that cloth wheels are mainly used to achieve high flatness and mirror effect; The hemp wheel is mainly used for rough polishing and intermediate polishing, so there is a significant difference between these two types of polishing wheels. One type of polishing wheel is that air can freely circulate and cool well, which is closely related to the type, performance, and workpiece material of the polishing wax.

b. Twill fabric wheel properties;

This type of polishing wheel is generally suitable for spiral stitching, as its application requires higher requirements. We consider quality issues, and generally choose materials with proper workmanship. The fundamental property is whether the wheel material (fiber) can have good contact with the components of the polishing wax (grease), which directly affects the adhesion of the polishing wheel to the polishing wax.

c. Special material effects;

Regarding the impact of polishing wheels, such as precious metals such as gold and platinum, hard metals such as stainless steel and titanium, chromium and nickel coated metals, hard plastics, etc., all have a significant impact on the working effect of polishing wheels.

d. Oil immersed twill cloth wheel;

For the combination of polishing wax, we need to understand that the grease impregnated into the inside of the wheel lubricates the friction between the cloth inside the cloth wheel, reduces imperceptible damage, has a longer service life, and has been specially designed to improve ventilation, meet the needs of rapid cutting of various metals, and obtain more property characteristics.

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