Meaning of Diamond Grinding Wheel Model Code

2019-12-17 3342

The shape code of a diamond grinding wheel generally consists of three parts: the first part of the chart indicates the series of grinding wheel shapes, indicated by a unit number or double digits; The second part indicates the cross-sectional shape of the work layer, indicated by one or more letters; The third part indicates the location of the operation layer, expressed in one unit. For example, the code 6A2 indicates that it is a parallel grinding wheel series, A indicates that the cross-sectional shape of the working layer is rectangular, and 2 indicates that the working layer is on one side of the grinding wheel.

The following is an introduction to the meanings of the codes for each part:

1、 Meaning of grinding wheel shape code

1 parallel system

2 cylindrical shapes

4 monoclinic

6 hollow cylindrical, cup-shaped, single-sided concave

9 Double sided concave

11 bowl shaped

12 disc shaped

14 Parallel reinforced shape, double oblique shape

2、 Meaning of cross-section shape code for operation layer

A rectangle

B Triangle

D trapezoidal shape

DD Two trapezoidal shapes

E dovetail shape

EE Double Dovetail

EEA double dovetail with rectangular shape

F circular arc

FF double circular arc

L rectangular fillet

V parallelogram

3、 Meaning of operating layer orientation code

1 at both ends

2 on one side

3 on both sides

6 embedded matrix

8 without substrate

9 on both sides of a bowl shaped cup or dish

Article source: Diamond grinding wheel