Precautions for using diamond grinding wheels

2019-12-24 1190

Precautions for using diamond grinding wheels

Diamond grinding wheels are very sturdy grinding wheels. It has the ability to be 'non destructive' and has strong grinding ability, but when using diamond grinding wheels, some precautions should also be taken. In order to extend the service life of diamond grinding wheels.

1. Diamond grinding wheels are a valuable tool used only for processing high hardness materials, without the need to grind general steel or other soft materials.

2. When the diamond grinding wheel device has a flange, it is necessary to balance it before use. It should be noted that the flange should not be disassembled before the grinding wheel is used up.

3. The diamond grinding wheel machine tool has good rigidity, high spindle selection accuracy (radial runout not greater than 0.01mm), and can perform micro lateral feed.

4. It is necessary to choose the appropriate grinding amount. The following data is for reference:

(1) Linear speed of grinding wheel:

Metal bonding agent: ① 10-15 */second (dry grinding), ② 20-35 */second (wet grinding)

Resin binder: ① 15-30 */second (dry grinding), ② 25-40 */second (wet grinding)

(2) The linear speed of the workpiece is generally 10-15 */minute.

(3) Grinding depth: The grinding depth should be small, otherwise the grinding wheel will wear quickly and the grinding power may not be high. It is generally recommended to use an oxygen stroke of 0.005~0.01 millimeters. The finer the abrasive particle size, the smaller the grinding depth, especially when there is no need for coolant.

(4) Longitudinal feed speed: generally 10-15 meters/minute.

5. When grinding, coolant should be used as much as possible, which not only improves grinding power and quality, but also reduces grinding wheel wear. Commonly used coolants include kerosene, light diesel, and light engine oil lamps, with kerosene being generally preferred.

6. When a new diamond grinding wheel is put into use, it is also necessary to repair it in order to obtain the correct shape (true roundness of the outer circle and flatness of the end face). The repair method can be silicon carbide grinding wheel, or manual grinding with silicon carbide abrasive on a flat metal or glass plate (for repairing the end face of the grinding wheel).

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