Storage, transportation, and classification of diamond grinding wheels

2020-01-06 1034

Storage and transportation of diamond grinding wheels

  • The storage of diamond grinding wheels should no longer be simply stored in areas affected by moisture, freezing, or high temperatures. Diamond grinding wheels should be stored for one year. Diamond grinding wheels that exceed the storage period must pass strict inspection and be recognized as problem-free before use.

    2. Transportation of diamond grinding wheels

  • (1) It is necessary to package the diamond grinding wheel in good condition for transportation and to prevent collision. It should not be exposed to moisture for a long time and should not touch alkali;

    (2) Diamond grinding wheels are stacked neatly in a flat manner and cannot be tilted or pressed for a long time to prevent (f á ngzh) ǐ) Deformation;

    (3) To prevent direct contact with the ground, it is necessary to use damp proof wooden pallets to support the ground for stacking, with a height of 10-375px from the ground and a stacking height of no more than 1 meter;

    (4) Implement the principle of "first in, first in" to ensure a better lifespan of the product;

    (5) Products that exceed one year should have their rotational strength and appearance tested from scratch before use.


    Diamond grinding wheels can be divided into: resin bonded diamond grinding wheels; Ceramic bonded diamond grinding wheel; Metal bonded diamond grinding wheel (bronze (chemical formula Cu) bonded diamond grinding wheel)

    Diamond grinding wheels can be divided into sintered diamond grinding wheels (resin bonded diamond grinding wheels; ceramic bonded diamond grinding wheels; metal bonded diamond grinding wheels) according to the production process; Electroplated diamond grinding wheel; Brazed diamond grinding wheel.

    Diamond grinding wheels can be divided into: diamond grinding wheels for grinding diamonds; Diamond grinding wheel for grinding hard alloys (diamond knife grinding wheel); Diamond grinding wheel for grinding diamond composite discs; Centerless diamond grinding wheels for coreless grinding machines; Diamond grinding wheels for grinding ceramic products; Diamond grinding wheels (also known as diamond cutting blades) for cutting; Diamond saw blade. The diamond grinding wheel is made of diamond abrasive as the material, and metal powder, resin powder, ceramic, and electroplated metal are used as binders. The circular fixed grinding tool with a through hole in the center is called diamond grinding wheel (alloy grinding wheel).

    Diamond grinding wheels can be divided into parallel grinding wheels based on their appearance or shape; Cylindrical grinding wheel; Cup shaped grinding wheel; Bowl shaped grinding wheel; Disc shaped grinding wheel; Grinding wheel for edge grinding; Grinding disc, etc. The hardness of diamond grinding wheel and diamond abrasive determines the primary characteristics of diamond grinding wheel. It can efficiently grind difficult to machine materials such as hard alloys, glass, ceramics, etc., and the grinding tool has a long service life.

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