The Causes of Cracks in Diamond Grinding Wheels and How to Handle Them

2020-01-09 1680

What is the reason for cracks in diamond grinding wheels?

1. Cracks or formation of cracks during one click installation at high speeds

It is best to first rotate the newly installed diamond grinding wheel cutting blade at a high speed for 1 minute. There are two key reasons for cracking: one is the quality problem of the diamond grinding wheel itself, and the other is the lack of linear design of the cutting blade, which causes rotational cracking.

2. Cracking during application

Some porcelain diamond grinding wheels operate normally at high speeds, but they crack when the grinding wheel touches the surface of the steel piece. The fundamental reason for this is that the poor flatness of the cutting pieces produced, the uneven structure of the fusion agent, or the high strength and slightly low ductility all contribute to this situation.

What should I do if there are cracks on the diamond grinding wheel?

1. Control the compressive strength of the sand wheel well, and when producing and processing alumina ceramic plunger pumps, the rotational compressive strength of the cutting blade is about twice that of all normal laser cutting sand wheel blades.

2. Strictly control the flatness of the cutting piece, and the error should not exceed 0.3mm.

3. Due to the wide range of application fields of cutting blades, it is necessary to moderately reduce the strength of cutting blades and reduce cracking.

Article source: Diamond grinding wheel