Precautions for side and front grinding with diamond grinding wheels

2020-01-13 1414

During the operation and use of diamond grinding wheels, it is necessary to pay more attention. Usually, people often encounter the following major problems during the operation of diamond grinding wheels. Therefore, I would like to summarize the following for you, hoping to help more people understand how to operate diamond grinding wheels and what precautions to pay attention to during the operation of diamond grinding wheels.

1. Side grinding:

In order to fully utilize the effectiveness of diamond, efforts should be made to increase the control force of the bond on the diamond and improve the bonding strength of the grinding wheel. Single layer high-temperature brazing superhard abrasive grinding wheel can overcome the shortcomings of electroplating grinding wheel, and can complete the chemical metallurgical bonding between diamond, binder, and metal matrix. It has high bonding strength, and only needs to maintain the thickness of the bonding layer at 20% to 30% of the abrasive height to firmly control the abrasive particles in high load high-speed and efficient grinding, so that the exposed height of the abrasive particles of the brazing grinding wheel can reach 70% to 80%, thereby increasing the chip holding space, The grinding wheel is not easily clogged, and the use of abrasive becomes more abundant.

2. Front grinding:

In daily use, many operators are accustomed to operating directly against the grinding wheel. Sintered metal bonded grinding wheels are mostly made of metals such as bronze as binders using high-temperature sintering method. They have high bonding strength, good formability, high temperature resistance, good thermal conductivity and wear resistance, long service life, and can withstand large loads.

Diamond grinding wheels are a valuable tool that should only be used for processing high hardness materials and should not be used for grinding general steel or other soft materials. The machine tool using diamond grinding wheels has good rigidity, high spindle selection accuracy (radial runout not greater than 0.01 mm), and can perform micro cross feed.

Article source: Diamond grinding wheel