What are the characteristics and uses of diamond grinding wheels?

2020-09-27 1814

For a material like diamond grinding wheel, we believe it is not unfamiliar in our daily lives. So, what are its characteristics and uses for such a material? Please refer to the following introduction for details.

Diamond grinding wheels not only have high efficiency and precision, but also have good roughness, low tool consumption, long service life, and can improve labor conditions. Therefore, it is widely used in low iron content metal and non-metallic hard brittle materials that are difficult to process with ordinary grinding tools, such as hard alloys, high aluminum ceramics, optical glass, agate gemstones, semiconductor materials, stone materials, etc. Centerless diamond grinding wheels for coreless grinding machines;

Diamond grinding wheels for grinding ceramic products; Diamond grinding wheels (also known as diamond cutting blades) for cutting; Diamond saw blade. At the same time, a more important point is the contour machining of hard alloy materials for diamond grinding wheels, electrolytic grinding machining, and heavy load cutting such as grinding with diamond drill bits for grinding machining centers, which have good grinding wear resistance. The above is a brief analysis of some relevant characteristics and usage processes of diamond grinding wheels.

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