The processing characteristics of diamond grinding wheels:

2020-09-29 1720

Characteristics of diamond grinding wheel processing:

DMD not less than 2.1070g/cm?

When the crystal is irregularly shaped, the smaller the packing density, the closer the shape is to a spherical shape, and the larger the packing density. The wider the particle size in the particle group, the greater the packing density.

For example, the larger the stacking specific gravity of a certain diamond particle group, the more regular the diamond shape is, and the higher the proportion of isomorphism, the generally higher the strength. On the contrary, if the stacking specific gravity is low and unstable, it also indicates that the diamond performance is worse.

1. Good appearance quality characteristics

Bronze grinding wheels can achieve lower surface roughness, typically up to Ra0. 8-0. 025um. A bronze grinding wheel with uniform interlaced patterns on the surface is beneficial for oil storage and lubrication.?

Resin grinding wheels can be widely used and are inseparable from their own strengths. When cutting and processing metal, resin grinding wheels have the following advantages:

1. Cutting speed pity, when cutting metal materials, the cutting speed of the cutting wheel is higher than other cutting methods (such as sawing, turning).

With the continuous progress of diamond grinding wheel technology, the demand for various industrial machinery parts is increasing, resulting in an increasing demand for diamond grinding wheel processing. So, what are some ways we can promote the further development of technology? Our processing technology can be compact, high-precision, reliable in function, good in manufacturing technology, and convenient in operation and application. By using a diamond grinding wheel around the grinding wheel, the upper and lower planes of the workpiece can achieve the required parallelism, standard accuracy, and surface roughness of the workpiece. The diamond grinding wheel with line cutting is suitable for the manufacturing of diamond grinding wheel circular parts, valve blades, saw blades, milling cutters, and other things, as well as the machining of mechanical manufacturing accuracy. It can be widely used for the diamond grinding wheel processing of parts in East West factories, diamond grinding wheel factories, air compressor factories, and ordinary mechanical manufacturing factories. The domestic market has a strong demand for grinding machine products, and the output value is far from meeting the demand, mainly at the low end. In this situation, breaking the bottleneck at the time and embarking on a journey of high precision has become an urgent issue for grinder manufacturers to solve.

※ The details of selecting CBN grinding wheels for CNC internal grinding are more important ※

The quality of diamond grinding wheels in CNC internal grinding machines also largely depends on the grinding wheel. Grinding wheels play a crucial role in the quality of diamond grinding wheels in CNC grinding machines. So, from what aspects should we choose grinding wheels?

1. Selection of grinding wheel shape for CNC grinding machines

A grinding wheel is made by combining abrasive and diamond grinding wheels, which rotate to produce diamond grinding wheels on the workpiece. This type of grinding wheel is called a traditional grinding wheel. Traditional grinding wheels are circular, circular, and other shapes made by combining alumina abrasive and diamond grinding wheels.

Compared with general grinding wheels, CBN grinding wheels have the characteristics of high efficiency, long lifespan, and low cost, and are widely used in industrial fields such as cars, machine tools, East West, and diamond grinding wheels. The application field of CBN grinding wheels continues to expand, from the processing of difficult to grind metal materials in Eastern and Western professions to the processing of diamond grinding wheels, cars, machine tools, compressors, and other professions. The diamond grinding wheel method has also evolved from general Eastern and Western grinding, internal grinding, to high-precision diamond grinding wheels, fast point diamond grinding wheel camshafts, crankshafts, and has a great potential to replace general grinding wheels. The usage speed generally reaches 20-160m/s, and a large amount of rough and fine grinding is completed in one go. Due to the compressive stress on the surface of the diamond grinding wheel workpiece, the service life of the workpiece can be increased by 50-200, and the cost of the diamond grinding wheel can be reduced by more than 20%.

2. High cutting size accuracy. Cut with a grinding wheel. Its cutting width and cutting flatness. Generally speaking, it is better than metalworking sawing.

3. The surface of the cut is smooth, and the surface of the sand after physical cutting often does not require precision machining. And the cutting blade of the saw blade is very obvious.

1. Good appearance quality characteristics

Diamond grinding wheels can achieve lower surface roughness, typically up to Ra0. 8-0. 025um. The uniform grid pattern on the surface of a diamond grinding wheel is beneficial for oil storage and lubrication.

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