What to pay attention to when using diamond grinding wheels

2020-10-12 1897

Diamond grinding wheel: What to pay attention to when using a diamond grinding machine

Diamond grinding machines are one of the most commonly used mechanical equipment in mechanical factories, but what should you pay attention to when using diamond grinding machines? Whether the installation is reasonable; Whether the quality meets safety requirements; Are the usage methods correct? These issues are related to the personal safety of each employee, so we need to pay sufficient attention to the precautions that should be taken during the use of diamond grinding wheels?

1. Side grinding issues

In daily use of grinding machines, we often find that some operators grind the side of the grinding wheel at will, regardless of the type of grinding machine or the type of grinding wheel. This violates regulations and seriously violates safety operation regulations. Behavior. According to regulations, grinding wheels with a circular surface as the working surface shall not be used for grinding. The radial strength of the grinding wheel is large, while the axial strength is very small. When the operator applies too much force, the grinding wheel can break or even injure people. This behavior should be prohibited during use.

2. Positive business issues

In daily use, many operators are accustomed to operating grinding wheels because they can use the direction hard. In fact, this behavior should be particularly prohibited when operating grinding machines. According to the operating regulations, when grinding workpieces with a grinding wheel, the operator should stand on the side of the grinding wheel and is not allowed to operate at the front of the grinding wheel, otherwise the grinding wheel may fly out or slide off. When the grinding wheel malfunctions, it can break and cause injury to people.

When using a grinder, some operators, especially young ones, exert excessive force on the grinding speed, which is extremely unsafe operation. The flat body of any grinding wheel has a certain strength. Doing so may cause the grinding wheel to break or even fly out, causing injury to people, which is also a prohibited behavior.

4. Common business issues

In actual daily operations, this situation can also occur. Some people share the same grinder to operate at the same time, in order to accelerate production tasks and working hours. This is a serious illegal operation and should be strictly prohibited. When a grinder is insufficient, it can be solved by adding a grinder, and it is not allowed to share one grinder at the same time.

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