Cleaning methods and installation requirements for resin grinding wheels

2020-10-22 2992

Cleaning method

During the production process, diamond grinding wheels should be used to polish the belt. Generally, the grinding wheel needs to be removed and cleaned after 5-7 days of operation. (There are polished rubber debris on top, which tightly adhere to the surface of the emery after high-temperature friction, making it difficult to clean)

Now we soak it in acetone for 2 hours and then clean it with imported cleaning agent. The effect is very good, but it is not environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

Cleaning requirements:

1. To be environmentally friendly, free from ketones and not halogenated hydrocarbons.

2. Do not harm diamond grinding wheels

Device knowledge

The grinding wheel must be carefully inspected and identified before installation. The steps to view and distinguish are:

1. Check whether the brand of the grinding wheel is correct and whether it fits the performance, shape, and size of all selected grinding wheels.

2. Check and identify the appearance and structure of the grinding wheel. Observe the appearance of the grinding wheel with your eyes for any damage (or cracks). Grinding wheels with damaged appearance (or cracks) cannot be used. Additionally, it is required that both ends of the grinding wheel be flat and free from significant tilting. 3. Check and identify internal cracks in the grinding wheel. Hold the grinding wheel in your hand and gently tap the grinding wheel with a wooden hammer to hear its sound. A grinding wheel without cracks announces a crisp sound, while a grinding wheel with cracks makes a hoarse sound, which cannot be used.

Article source: Resin wheel manufacturer