How much does the reason for the diamond grinding wheel itself affect the blockage?

2020-11-29 2404

1. Abrasive

Different abrasives have different chemical affinity with workpiece materials, grinding temperatures, and grinding forces. In order to reduce blockage, different types of abrasives should be selected for different workpiece materials.

2. Abrasive particle size

Under the premise of the same arrangement and size of the grinding wheel, the finer the abrasive, the more particles it has, the more evenly it is arranged, the more pores it has, and the smaller the volume of a single pore. Under the same grinding parameters, the fine grinding wheel is simply blocked.

3. Adhesives and Hardness

The hardness of CBN grinding wheels is guaranteed by the strength of the binder, which has a significant impact on the blockage of the grinding wheel. High strength adhesive grinding wheel, with high hardness, causes severe scratching and squeezing of the workpiece before the blunt abrasive particles fall off. The grinding debris is simply filled into the pores of the grinding wheel, resulting in grinding?? During this process, cutting is accompanied by a lot of frictional heat, providing a fusion material for adhesive blockage.

4. Grinding wheel arrangement

The arrangement of grinding wheels reflects the proportion relationship between abrasives, binders, and pores. The denser the arrangement, the smaller the proportion of pores, the smaller the spacing between cutting edges, and the simpler the blockage of the grinding wheel.

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