Understanding the properties of diamond grinding wheels and different binders

2019-08-13 1254

Ultra hard grinding tools are composed of abrasive particles, pores, and binders in combination. It can be seen that bonding agents are essential for manufacturing grinding tools. Their effect is to bond the abrasive particles into a certain shape and manipulate them to receive grinding force during processing, thereby achieving cutting effect. There are three main types of bonding agents for superhard grinding tools: resin bonding agents, ceramic bonding agents, and metal bonding agents. How to choose a suitable binder is mainly determined by its own function and the requirements for grinding tools during processing.

1. Resin binder. It has outstanding elasticity and polishing effect, and after forming a grinding tool, it still has outstanding self sharpening, is not easy to block, has less trimming, and has high grinding power, low grinding temperature, and high surface smoothness, so it is widely used. Resin bonded diamond grinding tools, which are associated with diamond abrasives, are often used in hard alloy workpieces, steel based hard alloy workpieces, as well as semi precision grinding and precision grinding of some non-metallic materials.

2. Ceramic binder. This type of binder has a stronger bond strength with abrasives than resin. After forming the grinding tool, the surface of the operation is covered with debris and has good function, so it is not easy to block, cutting sharp, grinding power is high, and the thermal expansion is small. Simple control of machining accuracy is beneficial for the smooth progress of the grinding process. In terms of shaping and dressing of grinding tools, the operation is relatively simple, usually used for rough grinding, semi precision grinding, and forming grinding with large contact surfaces. Therefore, ceramic bond is currently an increasingly widely used bond. The stability of ceramic bonding agents in contact with diamond abrasives is relatively good, and has achieved outstanding market and reputation in the field of ceramic bonding cubic boron nitride grinding wheels.

3. There are two types of metal binders: bronze binders and electroplating binders. Electroplated bonding agent is a type of bonding agent with higher bonding strength. Usually, single or multiple layers of abrasive particles are electroplated on a metal substrate. The number of abrasive particles per unit area on the surface of this type of bonding tool is much higher than other types of bonding agents, and the abrasive particles are exposed on the surface of the bonding agent, resulting in sharp cutting and high grinding power. However, due to the thickness of the coating, the overall service life of the grinding tool is not high, and it is usually used for special purpose machining, such as forming grinding tools, small grinding heads, nesting knives, electroplating reamers, files, etc.

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