What are the key control points for mold manufacturing quality

2019-08-13 1128

1) Effective governance includes product data governance, process data governance, and drawing document governance: effective product data governance, process data governance, drawing document governance, and ensuring the completeness of documents and consistency of drawing versions; Enable drawings to achieve useful sharing and inquiry applications. It is possible to establish a complete file management computer database, which can collect and apply the accumulated planning drawings, scattered information, and information that has been scattered or cut off in the past, in order to prevent the occurrence of 2D and 3D messy planning documents, original, design, and training versions messy, 3D molds and 2D drawing data inconsistency, and the non-standard and messy planning of 2D drawings, which results in achievements that are difficult to be invented and corrected in real-time, Forming a mold requires modification, rework, or even cancellation, increasing the cost of mold production, prolonging the delivery cycle of mold production, and affecting the delivery time.

2) Adhere to the consistency and completeness of mold drawings, processing techniques, and material data: through useful, meticulous, and rigorous testing methods, ensure the consistency and completeness of mold drawings, processing techniques, and material data.

3) The planning and production cost of each set of molds must be summarized in real time: through the issuance of work vouchers in the control workshop, it is necessary to effectively manage the scrapping of cutting tools; Through precise mold structure planning, efficient mold processing, and precise spare parts inspection, the additional cost of useful low-end molds due to design changes and training can be obtained, thereby obtaining the actual cost of each set of molds and effectively controlling mold quality.

4) Balancing planning: By organically constructing and integrating information such as planning, planning, processing technology, workshop delivery environment, and human capital, we can achieve harmonious planning and delivery, which can effectively ensure mold quality and deliver on time.

5) Establish a complete and applicable mold delivery management system: Establish a complete mold delivery management system to complete the product data management, process data management, planning management, and progress management of the mold delivery management process, including mold delivery planning, mold planning, process planning, workshop obligation allocation and product inspection, warehouse management, etc, Enable comprehensive tracking and management of mold production and related assistance information from planning and finalization to completion and delivery.

6) Establish a database of effective forms and impact analysis: Establish a database of mold planning, production effective forms and impact analysis, through meetings, notices, computer sharing, rewards, penalties, and preparation for the next presentation of similar results. It can also serve as a reference for future quality evaluation and planning.

7) Establish a processing technology system: Establish a processing technology system, summarize the detailed list of mold machines, purchased parts, standard parts, self disciplined parts, self disciplined parts, data, heat treated parts, vulnerable parts, and mold usage, to ensure that relevant capital can be in place in real time. Joint planning and management of labor delivery, progress management, to ensure that relevant equipment can be effectively applied, to prevent personnel from being idle, and to ensure that various key points in processing and production can be interconnected.

8) Establish a quality inspection department, strictly inspect the wrist, eliminate the lucky physiology of "similar", and ensure the accuracy of mold processing of various parts. Useful control of mold quality, based on high and low process records, effectively linking quality to individuals. It can enhance the sense of responsibility of planning and operators.

9) Based on the environment of our company and customers, establish appropriate mold planning standards and mold planning homework guides for our company and customers; Mold making scale, mold making homework guide, scale mold planning and mold making; Be prepared to create molds that do not meet customer requirements due to personal habits and old mold making ideas.

10) Scale negotiation, warehouse and delivery orders, material entry and exit, object loss reporting, shipment management, streamlining material supply chain, and preventing delivery and detachment.

11) Establish an assessment system, regularly train and assess personnel involved in mold planning and production, and invent and cultivate the backbone elite team of the company.

12) The instinctive function of each sentry box should be measured so that people can do their jobs and be employed according to their talents, so as to prevent too many monks and too few porridge.

13) Establish a mold name to follow up with the governance team: establish a bridge of similarities and monitoring between customer market engineering negotiation production stack injection molding and other parts, stop specific events and technical similarities, comprehensively understand customer mold technical requirements, record and summarize similar content, and accurately transmit it to each department to prevent repetition, repetition, mold testing, modification, rework, and save time and resources. Gradually establish a knowledge base of customer business and technical information for each customer, and share it outside the company to improve customer service and reduce errors. Follow up and monitor the delivery progress of the mold name, control the trial mold, follow up on related materials, confirm sample testing, send samples, and control mold moving.

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