How to choose grinding wheel blades?

2019-08-13 1243

1. A good average surface and no crack shape are the fundamental surfaces of excellent grinding wheels;

2. Excellent packaging and printing anti-counterfeiting barcodes are the differences between genuine products and counterfeit goods;

3. The lower the static imbalance value of any grinding wheel, the better, although the difficulty of childbirth also increases;

4. The common discipline of cutting and polishing is to remove less iron, low wear means the grinding wheel is too hard, and low wear means the material is too poor. Good moral character is to minimize wear, maximize the amount of iron removed, and have a good hand feel;

5. Dealing with carbon steel, alloy steel, cast steel, stainless steel, copper aluminum materials, and glass stone, because their structural density and thermal state are different, it is decided to choose different grinding wheel moments; There are specialized cutting and polishing objects for glass stone in the market; Copper aluminum and stainless steel solid materials use cutting or polishing pieces with lower thickness or zirconia corundum as the substrate; For cutting carbon steel and stainless steel profiles (non solid), it is requested to use grinding wheels with higher hardness, which will greatly improve the service life; But for solid round steel and forgings, the grinding wheel should not have too high hardness, otherwise it will not cut!

The article originates from diamond grinding