Introduction to Several Types of Diamond Grinding Wheel Abrasives

2019-08-13 1301

Diamond grinding wheels are commonly used in grinding wheels, and their choices for abrasives are also quite strict. The above briefly introduces several commonly used diamond grinding wheel abrasives

1. The hardness of chromium steel jade is close to that of white corundum, but its toughness is better (between brown corundum and white corundum), so the cost resistance and grinding efficiency of grinding wheels are higher than that of white corundum. After simultaneous trimming, it is possible to maintain the contour of the abrasive cutting edge outside the grinding wheel for a longer period of time (i.e., the abrasive cutting edge is located on a uniform circumferential end plane), which is under similar conditions. The surface finish of the workpiece ground with chrome corundum grinding wheel is slightly higher than that with white corundum grinding wheel. Due to the above characteristics, chrome corundum is suitable for grinding various types of hardened high-strength steel and measuring tools, instrument machines, etc. with high requirements for surface finish. Other materials are also suitable for forming grinding and edge grinding of cutting tools. Chromium steel jade has a higher price and is only suitable for precision grinding.

2. Single crystal corundum (GD) and microcrystalline corundum (GW) single crystal corundum have high hardness and toughness, and are resistant to cracking during grinding. Used for grinding stainless steel and low-temperature high-speed steel with high toughness. Steel with high hardness has better results, and microcrystalline corundum has higher strength, toughness, and self sharpening compared to single crystal corundum, making it suitable for grinding stainless steel. Bearing steel and special ductile iron can also be used for high finish grinding.

3. The color of abrasives such as black silicon carbide is black, and there are also dark blue ones. The ceramic bonded grinding wheels made from it are also black. Black silicon carbide has a higher hardness than any type of abrasive such as corundum, with sharp diamond angles but low and weak toughness. It cannot withstand the cutting pressure of materials with high toughness, making it suitable for grinding materials with low tensile strength or soft materials.

4. The color of green silicon carbide is green, and the ceramic bond grinding wheel made from it is also green. The hardness of green silicon carbide is similar to that of black silicon carbide, but it is more brittle and important for grinding hard alloys. Optical glass and other brittle materials.

5. Diamond has a higher hardness than other types of abrasives and is the hardest material known today. It has excellent cutting performance, but its price is expensive. It is important for processing high hardness materials that are difficult to machine with other abrasives. A grinding wheel made with this type of abrasive is called a diamond grinding wheel, which has many different characteristics from grinding wheels made with corundum and silicon carbide abrasives.

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