How to choose diamond grinding wheel

2019-08-13 1241

As grinding tools made from diamond abrasives and binders, diamond grinding wheels are widely used in many professions.

1. The good thing about metal bonded grinding wheels is that they have high bonding strength and good wear resistance, but the downside is that they can easily block;

2. Resin bonded grinding wheels have low adhesion, are not easily blocked, and have high grinding ability, but have poor wear resistance and significant wear;

3. Ceramic bonded grinding wheels have better wear resistance than resin bonded grinding wheels and can control accuracy, but the grinding surface is thicker and the cost is higher;

4. The hardness of the grinding wheel has a significant impact on blockage, and the hardness is directly proportional to the thermal conductivity of the grinding wheel, which is not conducive to external heat dissipation and is beneficial for improving machining accuracy and durability;

5. The selection of grinding wheel concentration is an important characteristic, which has a significant impact on grinding power and processing cost. If the concentration is too low, it affects power. Conversely, abrasive particles are prone to falling off, but the optimal range of binder concentration is also better.

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