What precautions should be taken during the use of grinding wheels

2019-11-23 1872

1. Speed of grinding wheel

The label of the grinding wheel specifies the maximum operating line speed, and it is necessary to acknowledge whether the rotational speed of the machine tool spindle is within the linear speed scale of the grinding wheel before use. Sometimes only checking the motor speed of the machine tool is not enough, and it is also necessary to calculate the speed ratio of the belt pulley.

Some machine tools have stepwise speed regulation, and operators should be careful not to adjust the speed to a gear higher than the linear speed of the grinding wheel by mistake.

2. Standardization of operation

Operators sometimes do not follow the process requirements for operation. For example, the rule for feed quantity is 2 threads per time, while some operators aim to catch up with the production value and achieve a feed quantity of 5 threads per time. This makes it difficult for the grinding wheel to operate normally. The workpiece may simply form burns, and some burns may not show blue burn marks on the surface. However, in reality, the hardness of the workpiece has decreased, which has a significant impact on the quality of the workpiece.

3. Diamond dresser

The normal line between the diamond pen and the grinding wheel should have an angle of 15 °. The diamond pen can roll several surfaces to maintain sharpness for a long time. If the diamond pen is blunt and does not check for replacement, the grinding wheel is still being continuously trimmed, and it can be imagined that its grinding quality will not be good.

4. Protective operation of grinding machine

According to safety protection requirements, the machine tool needs to undergo regular repairs. If, in order to save costs, scheduled repair operations are not taken seriously, resulting in poor machine condition, such as decreased spindle accuracy or excessive bearing wear, it will have a very negative impact on grinding.

5. Instability of processed workpieces

The primary manifestation is the instability of the scale margin and the significant fluctuation of the hardness during heat treatment.

6. Is the cooling system secure

Sometimes users may report scratches on the surface of the workpiece. In addition to impure abrasive particle size, the filtration of the cooling system is crucial. If the filtering is not good, the metal chips will be recycled to the grinding area, forming scratches on the surface of the workpiece. Other factors that directly affect the grinding effect are the adequacy of the coolant flow rate.

Additionally, regarding the storage, transfer, and installation of grinding wheels, attention should be paid to:

The storage of grinding wheels should pay attention to ventilation and moisture prevention, especially resin grinding wheels and rubber grinding wheels, and also pay attention to the issue of aging. Generally, the storage period of resin grinding wheels and rubber grinding wheels cannot exceed 2 years.

During the transfer, we sometimes see workers rolling large grinding wheels on the ground, causing them to accidentally collide with other objects, resulting in missing corners of the grinding wheel. The high-speed operation of grinding wheels with missing angles poses great risks. So we must do our best to prevent non-standard transfers.

During the installation process, it is important to pay attention and handle with care, and the tightening sequence of the nuts when tightening the flange should be diagonally opposite, from loose to tight.

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